Auckland Point School welcomes enrolments from students from year one to year 6. Age 5 to 11 years.

We are able to enrol your child at any point in the school year and we encourage you to visit.

Our school enrols New Zealand citizens, New Zealand residents and International students. (Please see our International enrolments page.)

We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us by submitting an expression of interest or emailing us and we can arrange to answer any questions that our website hasn’t.

Transition to school

Auckland Point School works very hard to ensure that all children have a smooth and successful transition to school.

Research shows that the children that already have friends at school will have the easiest transition. Having classmates that know them and will help them with routines makes settling in much less stressful. We have systems in place that allow 4 year olds to visit the school for regular sessions. By the time children actually reach 5 they will have visited class up to 20 times throughout the year and they will be very confident and secure about going to school. Sessions are for approximately 40 minutes each time.

As a long term New Entrant teacher I have found this system of visits to be the best transitioning method.

We have a close bond with our local Early Childhood Centres and encourage visits wherever possible to give children further opportunities to experience what we consider a very nurturing environment.

Each new student is given a buddy from the senior classroom.


Rachel Couling

Our Transition Programme

Age Actions
At 4 years Contact the school to arrange inclusion in 4 year old visits
5 Weeks prior to 5th birthday The teacher will discuss formal school visits, which start 4 weeks prior to the 5th birthday.The school booklet and enrolment forms will given to parents at this time and a meeting arranged with the teacher. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the needs of each child before they start school.
4 Weeks prior to 5th birthday Each week we will have a visit. For the first 3 weeks the visits will be from 9am – 1pm (this allows children to stay and have lunch with the other children.The final visit will be a full day, from 9am – 3pm.Suitable days will be negotiated with parents.
1 Week prior to 5th birthday Parents need to bring the enrolment form to school along with the child’s birth certificate.
All parents will meet with our principal, Sonya Hockley and she will give a tour of the school. Usually this would happen at a mutually suitable stage during the 4 week visit stage.