About our school

Bright futures start here!

Our children's learning success and happiness is at the heart of everything we do. Auckland Point School focuses on nurturing and developing a child's individual strengths, talents and spirit.
We have high expectations for behaviour and curriculum success in all areas. We prepare our students for future life by educating with purpose through authentic context learning and a broad, creative curriculum.The heritage of our school site is important to us and the spirit of it is woven into our school life. 'Auckland Point School strives to inspire, support and teach children to be the best they can be.' 
 Sonya Hockley, Principal

Into The Future By Cherishing The Past

Auckland Point School has a rich history and a special place in the hearts of many Nelsonians. 

Before it was a school our site was home to a Maori fishing village and later, a market place where Maori and early European settlers exchanged goods.  

Auckland Point School’s Maori name is Te Kura o Matangi Awhio – translated as ‘the school of the whirring wind’. Matangi Awhio is also the name of the maunga/mountain sheltering our school.

At Auckland Point School, we challenge and prepare our children to become confident, considerate and successful adults. Many former pupils have gone on to succeed in a range of areas including the arts, medicine, law, politics, business and sports. 

Our school is situated at the gateway to Nelson city and we enjoy the benefits of easily accessing the museum, the art galleries, the library, the parks and the Nelson harbour.

We are all about our kids!

What we offer:

  • Quality teaching
  • Major focus on literacy and numeracy
  • Individualised programmes for children
  • A school that has a family atmosphere, with a caring nuturing environment
  • A large safe play environment
  • Interaction with other schools for sporting and cultural events
  • Specialised physical education skills development (League, fundamental skills)
  • Easy transition to school for New Entrants and a new well resourced Kindergarten on site
  • Opportunities for parents to have their say about what the school is doing
  • Consistency with relievers so that children know all staff
  • Regular Education Outside The Classroom opportunities (Beach days, Suter Art Gallery, Nelson Provincial Museum)
  • An onsite pump track for keen bikers - every day is wheels day!
  • Our swimming pool is available to parents and community during the Summer holiday